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Simply put, our mission is to help individuals attain their personal and professional goals. Such goals are unique in nature. Sometimes they are hard to identify, or execute. We help you uncover your potentials and navigate through the multi-dimensional complexities, to materialize your aspirations one at a time.

There is one particular thing that we pride ourselves in, and it is at the foundation of our business - no nonsense in working with our clients. Only direct and open interaction that is built on trust and integrity. In fact, its a two-way street and we ask all our customers to make this commiment. You will not hear lengthy boring lectures, claims of qualifications, dry presentations,  or inspirational speeches, although we will strive to inspire you to become your best!

So, how do we accomplish this? By methodically working with each person to understand their past, present, and future needs and desires. We get to know you, so that we can guide your development in a most informed and tangible manner. There are no magic tricks or no silver bullet methodologies that we preach, however, we do resort to powerful concepts and mental frameworks that govern and accelerate this process.


The time you spend with us will be an honest and open exchange, aimed at getting YOU in a better place! Whatever that means to YOU.


How we Can

Help You

The foremost mandate of epiSphere Coach is to instill healthy practical habits into the way to think your life through, not "Think about your life". Whether it is to motivate and structure your career growth or make sense of your personal goals, we help you with practical coaching using simple, yet powerful principles in a framework that is easy to grasp and follow.

This One On One Coaching session is designed to maximize focus on individual areas for development to advance your career. Each session is designed with consideration for...
Career Coaching
1 hr 30 min
This BigData & Analytics Coaching session is designed to give you practical advice on how to develop your BigData analytics career using a workshop format to develop skil...
Career in BigData & Analytics
2 hr

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